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Read-only iOS app for 1Password keychains.
Free & Open Source! Made in Germany.
Check out our new project Cryptomator!
Available in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

  • "Does just what it says it does and does it well. An excellent companion to one of my favorite programs (1Password)."- firescootboy
  • "If you're looking for read-only access to your 1Password keychain on your iOS device, this app is exactly what you're looking for."- _zak
  • "This app works flawlessly with my 1Password keychain stored in Dropbox. [...] Who needs to edit their keychain from their phone?"- jbvo

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    Browse your 1Password keychain

    Access all your protected data! As tooPassword doesn't write to your keychain, there is no possible way your original data gets corrupted or exposed. That means you get all the fine security your 1Password keychain already offers. tooPassword is supporting the new 1Password 4 version for Mac!

  • Feature 2 front screenshot

    Always up-to-date

    Syncing made easy! Import your keychain with Dropbox as easy as pie. If you don't like using cloud services, there is also iTunes file sharing support. Now with WebDAV support for cloud services like ownCloud.

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    Context-sensitive actions

    Copy any fields and reveal passwords easily. Websites are opened in Safari, addresses are opened in Maps, and phone numbers can be called directly. Simple and just one tap away. Swipe to reveal/hide your passwords!

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    Ready as Universal App

    Runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, don't waste your money! Ready for iOS 7, and still compatible down to iOS 5.