A scrimmage vest, also known as a pinny or bib, is a piece of apparel or sportswear that is typically made of mesh. It is worn during practice sessions by members of a sports team either as a replacement for the team’s regular uniform or as a way to distinguish temporary teams competing in informal scrimmages.

During a game, some clubs choose to have their players who are on the bench wear them. A form-fitting cut, collegiate snip, basketball cut, or lacrosse pinny are just some of the different cuts that can use to create a vest for pinnies soccer.

Poly-mesh fabric is typically used in the production of vests. The artwork is frequently directly transferred to the mesh by means of digital printing or vinyl thermal pressing. New methods include dye-sublimation.

Where Does It Originate From?

Where did this phrase originate, and why are these things referred to as pinnies? One of the reasons why they are referred to as “pinnies” is that the word “pinafore” is shortened to “pinny” in British English.

In its original sense, this word referred to an apron or a sleeveless garment. When ladies were performing tasks around the house or cooking, they would wear a pinafore or an apron over their dresses as a layer of protection for their attire.

Pinnies are often constructed with a mesh fabric made of either nylon or polyester. They have two layers, or plies, and are constructed with two distinct colors of mesh fabric so that the color that originally hid is shown when they are inverted or turned inside and out.

In order to achieve breathability, the polyester or nylon mesh may be constructed with very small pores. These teeny openings are also called pinholes, where the word pinnies come from. Therefore, this is one of the other reasons why they are known as pinnies, a term that is alternately used with reversible.

Why Is It Referred to as Pinnies?

A piece of apparel or athletics is referred to as a pinnie. Scrum vests are typically made out of pinnies. They are frequently utilized during training sessions either as a stand-in for the typical uniform of a sports team or as a means of differentiating temporary squads during informal scrimmages or exercises.

These tops are available in a wide variety of cuts and styles, including basketball cuts, collegiate cuts, racerback cuts, and pinnies. Reversible lacrosse gear is typically worn during training sessions but can also be utilized during actual games.

Most of the time, a soccer team will choose their primary color for one side of their pinnies, while white will be used for the other. This gives the pinnies a very practical appearance.

The majority of clubs sew their team insignia onto the front side of their changeable jerseys. Regardless of whether the side of the foldable pinnie is being displayed, it can accomplish this in several ways by using a mix of several colors that are diametrically opposed to one another to achieve the desired aesthetic.

A large number of teams additionally adorn the back and both sides with specific player numbers, which adds functionality to the game situation. If a team’s budget does not allow for the additional expenditure, some organizations choose not to have numbers on their practice jerseys since it allows them to save money.


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