Although we highly underrated it, wristwatches wouldn’t be popular today if not for the straps. Think about it; if there were no straps on your wristwatch, you can’t have a wristwatch to start with. Moreso, when the wristwatch strap looks terrible, the watch seems bad. For many wristwatches, however, adjusting the watch straps can be a daunting task.

However, this isn’t the case for the Huawei watch gt 2 pro strap. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, comes with specific EasyFit straps. These straps enable you the freedom to change your watch strap to any color you want. Also, you have various options when it comes to the type of material you neè1000As we mentioned, the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro comes with an adjustable strap; however, the adjustable strap depends on the material of the strap you buy. For straps made with plastic or polymers, you can easily make changes. However, when your watch strap contains a little bit of metal, you need to follow a process.

How to Adjust a Metal Link Strap

If the strap of your Huawei Watch is metallic, then changing the strap needs a little bit of technicality. Likewise, you will need some materials. Some of the steps to follow include;

Unscrew watch straps 

A Huawei wristwatch usually comes with a screwdriver when you buy them. This screwdriver is portable, but it aligns with every screw on your wristwatch. If you still have the screwdriver, you can use it to unscrew the metal links you need to adjust. If you don’t have the screwdrivers, you should find a screwdriver with the exact size. 

Remove one link

Watch straps have the left and the right hand. If you want to change the straps totally, you will need to unscrew all straps and replace them. But if it is just an adjustment, all you need to do is remove one strap from each side of the watch. That means from the left strap and the right strap, remove one each. This will give the wristwatch a good balance, and the clock will remain at the center. 

Adjust Straps to Normal State

If it’s a replacement, once you’re sure that the new straps fit perfectly, you can screw each nut properly and start enjoying your wristwatch. However, if you’re only adjusting, you have first to confirm that the actual clock of your wristwatch is at the center of the watch. You can do that by carefully placing the straps of the wristwatch on your hand to see if it fits correctly and if the clock is in the middle. 

Screw Watch

If you’re replacing the watch strap, you can easily screw the nuts back in place to hold your watch straps firm. But if you only adjusted the wristwatch, there’ll be that temptation to leave the strap without screwing. Majorly, this happens because the watch may manage to remain firm. However, it’s always best you screw the wristwatch; if not, the watch may later get loose again. 


Adjusting the straps of your watch may be simple if your wristwatch is the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. However, with a different material, the best thing is to check the last 


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